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Sacred Ground international is building a model of interdependent, yet self-sufficient and harmonious living. We are using both ancient and very new technologies to promote the well being of all in this primary bio-region.
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The Ranch

The Ranch and SGI are headquartered and co-exist on 3500 acres at the base of the Pryor Mountains located on the Crow Indian Reservation near Pryor, Montana. » Learn More about the Ranch

The Sacred Hunt

The Sacred Hunt project was inspired by an old teaching, "The Hunt is a ceremony of giving and receiving, honoring the gifts given to each other. It is important to honor the giving of a life by accepting and using all of its gifts with gratitude and respect. It is all Sacred." » Learn More about The Sacred Hunt

Events and Activities

The Learning Center takes in the whole of all daily activities and the landscape. It is a Living Learning Center focused on experience, the wisdom and lessons gained, and the global sharing and outreach of that information. » Learn More about our Events and Activities


SGI's mission is to demonstrate economically sustainable and ecologically sensitive ranching techniques while promoting the Conservation, Preservation, and Restoration of native culture and native species (CPR for our Earth Mother). » Learn More about Conservation

About Us

Sacred Ground International, a charitable 501 (c) 3 Foundation, was born out of a desire to restore my childhood home, give back and find what I felt was missing in my life. » Learn More About Us

Participate / Donate

The most important interaction we have is with all of the people from every walk of life, every part of the globe and every socio-economic strata that have read this site, come to visit the Ranch, heard about us, shared something they heard about us or wished us well as our paths crossed. » Learn how you can Participate or Donate

Adopt a Buffalo

At one time, not that long ago, 60 million buffalo roamed free and in harmony with nature across America. The Native American on the western plains relied on "Tatanka" for all aspects of their lives. » Find out How you can Adopt a Buffalo

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