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"Love of 'the Grandfathers' or stones is reflected
in the artful balancing of cairns and stupa formations
all over the mountainside and pastures.

The Learning Center at The Ranch takes in the whole of all daily activities and the landscape. It is a Living Learning Center focused on experience, the wisdom and lessons gained, and the global sharing and outreach of that information.

Humankind shares a sacred kinship that flourishes when we recognize our abilities to share our talents and time in ways that benefit one another. Sacred Ground has been a gathering place for sustainable culture, a school for the peoples from around the world. We learn from and exchange our unique gifts, while pursuing our commitment to 'sacred living' as we learn to live in greater harmony with ourselves, our environment and each other.

The focus at this time is:

  • Learning through daily on the ranch
  • Education - sharing what we do, why we do it and what we learn from it
  • Animal and Wildlife observation, promotion, and protection
  • Research and experimentation using energy technologies, alternative healing while working closely with scientists, veterinarians, and other experts in the medical and healing professions.
  • Nature conservancy and expansion of wildlife habitat
  • Promotion and participation of youth, multifaceted groups, organizations, and individuals from around the world. Youth are a strong focus.
  • Organic growing, gardens, wild berry habitat and orchards.
  • Harvesting, study and use of wild medicinal and edible native plants.
  • Hosting classes, gatherings and events....from Indigenous to Corporate.

There is unquestionably great change on the wind, promoting a global movement to seek new ways to understand and support ourselves, our relationships and the environment we live in. There is no question we must live more balanced and harmonious. A great question being asked is, "how do we do that and just what is the best path to pursue in such a diverse world?"

Our ancestors have shared for eons that the gift of life is the experience of it. To understand it, observe it.

In the words of Gloria Flora..." an ecology of the heart, honoring humans relationship with the natural world...restoring your heart connection to the rest of the universe through the landscape that you love because it's all connected."

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Youth, Students, Individuals, Organizations, Groups, all that wish to experience, learn and/or contribute to what we do.


Retreats, Ceremonial Gatherings, Celebrations, Corporate Weekends, Workshops, School/class outings.


  • Visit the Buffalo
  • Learn about plants and animals - "The Medicine Walk"
  • Tour the Ranch
  • Picnic
  • Visit the Sundance grounds, learn about all the tradition they embody



The Old Ones

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Your Donations will be used to fund:
* Buffalo Preserve *
* Conservation Project *

LABYRINTH: For people on foot and horseback (This project is underway)

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Wild Edible and Medicinal Plants

Are an essential and vital piece of our self sustaining health and medical portfolio. Classes in the field, harvesting, preserving and uses. This area is rich in native plants that were vital to the Native populations that traveled here to gather and hunt.

The MEDICINE WALK is a day on the mountain observing, tasting, harvesting the plants and water that are miraculous teachers and healers. Rich in common sense and heritage.

TRUE STORIES are posted of the miraculous events of horses found with multiple leg fractures, wounds and injuries, given no hope of survival, running free today.

Snakebite, blood poisoning, and other life threatening episodes that we have addressed with the aid of local plants.

One of the plants classified as a noxious weed is a favorite for eliminating discomfort from bug and mosquito bites.


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Our goal is to bring to the public a variety of educational and support formats: media, print, national and international exchange programs. Classes are usually in the field and work study.

We work with many cultures and see the profound impact a culture, its teachings, its elders and ceremonial participation can have on youth and all walks of life. Much of 2010 will be focused on Youth/ Elder, Tours and events to put people on the land and have them experience themselves and each other.

Networking and outreach programs. As buildings are funded and completed, more on-sight classes and activities will be offered year round.

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Organic Growing

The garden is ever growing, we are ever learning. Vegetables, herbs and a nursery orchard. Interns, volunteers and support are always greeted with big smiles. Seasonal planting and transplanting of wild berry bushes and trees to rehabilitate and repopulate the natural landscape.

The garden and growing areas have expanded to different areas around the ranch proper.

This gives a diversity in soil, sun, water, wind, temperature, etc. and allows us to work with a variety of growing modalities. A starter orchard and wild berry bushes have been planted with much more to do. Seeds from native plants on the mountain were harvested and hundreds of plantings will be available to restore the drainages and depleted brush and berry habitat.

As in life, there are many ways to accomplish a goal and we are exploring. We begin with common sense and proceed to studies including:

  • Perelandra

  • No till

  • Fed by Sound Wave Energy (from SWE by Nicole LeVoie)

  • Agricultural Harmonizers (from Slim Spurling, Geobiologist and global environmental specialist)

  • Native American

  • The way my mother did it and more

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Animals and Wildlife

The ranch offers observation and hands on experience with the buffalo and horses. Buffalo and horses are loving, playful and great fun to be around. They are also large, powerful and infinitely wise. To be in their presence inspires awe and wonder. To spend time with them is humbling and often stirs deep feelings of joy and respect. We say that is why they are here and why we offer these opportunities.

WILDLIFE are a natural and essential part of the ecosystem. Their presence assures balance and harmony. Much thought went into possibly transplanting species that have disappeared over the last 50 years. To our joy and amazement we are seeing them return on their own.

We have witnessed turtles traveling miles over dry pastureland to ponds now recovering and teaming with life. Wild turkeys appeared, cranes, birds I do not remember ever seeing, and plant life and flowers we have yet to identify. Antelope have became a part of the landscape for the first time.

The Old Ones speak of the medicinal plants that are stimulated by the bear scat that now is appearing on well worn trails, newly established. The black bear are seen coming farther down the draws, full of wild berries, in greater numbers. Bear cubs have wandered into the yard out of curiosity and found the laundry on the clothes lines great fun to play with. Heavy poaching had diminished the white tail and mule deer populations. Now, we are seeing many more and have found their tracks in our vegetable garden.

The black-tailed prairie dog towns are expanding. Badger, marmot, fox, coyote and many other species are reclaiming their home territories. Occasionally a wolf is spotted on the horizon. Many ask if we are concerned about some of the perceived dangers with this new influx of predators. On the contrary, there is a greater peace, fuller, richer habitat, a greater harmony they seem to understand and cultivate. I often watch the coyotes play as the horses graze peacefully, mother bear bringing her three cubs to the hillside by the house as if to show them off and the sharptail grouse raising her 13 young by the garden.

My heart swells, I am humbled and grateful for the lessons, the encouragement the greater understanding of “home on the range”.

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Events & Activities

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News / Announcements


Sacred Ground Intl is host and home of the International Sundance that is sponsored and made possible by the World Council of Elders. The first Sundance was held at Sacred Ground high on a plateau beneath the mountain in 2007. For further information and reservations please contact:

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terra sacra

Introducing Terra Sacra
We have a new Affiliate Project! Terra Sacra (Latin for 'Sacred Ground') is located in the Pyrenees Mountains of France...

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