How It Began

Sacred Ground International, a charitable 501 (c) 3 Foundation, was born out of a desire to restore my childhood home, give back and find what I felt was missing in my life.

In the 25 years following my stepfathers’ death, the ranch had cycled through leasing, options to buy, severe overgrazing, drought, gross trespass and neglect. When faced with yet another sale option my mother Helen, simply could not let go.

Honoring my heritage, I had returned home to Vision Quest on the Mountain, to renew my Spirit after years of commercial ventures, world travel and a recent loss. I was stunned by my mothers’ choice.

As if all time and events had led to that moment, we took a deep breath, joined hands and hearts and set out to restore, renew and reinvent The Ranch. We chose to create a role model of sustainable living and share it with our community and the world.

Today, the ranch is held and managed by Tanah. We are supported by our activities, our sharing and fund raising projects: BISON FOR THE BRAVE, ADOPT A BUFFALO, SACRED HARVESTS/HUNTS, RANCH FUND, a generous and caring public, volunteers, bartering and the love and devotion of the many from all over the world who have come, spent time, left their indelible mark and went on to tell our story and live what they learned and experienced here.

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Director Tanah Whitemore

Tanah Whitemore, Director and founder of Sacred Ground International. Eco-rancher, Consultant, Owner/Designer of Native Vogue.

Tanah, a true visionary and artist was raised on The SGI Ranch. She pursued life and several careers that took her around the world. An award winning entrepreneur/fashion designer/publisher and public speaker. She returned home in 1993 to begin yet another life and career…

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Staff and Volunteers

Our staff includes skilled, and unskilled, many are merely eager to learn and contribute. Some are employed, most are volunteers. They come from all walks of life from all over the world.

Some are world famous, some Indigenous wisdom keepers, many highly accomplished and all passionate about their fields and vision.


Teresa Schaeffer

As I embark on an adventure of a lifetime, I find myself here at Sacred Ground.  Waking up to a magnificent sunrise…embracing a new day at Ranch.  Calling the horses in by name – “Here Wind Song”, “Here Freya”.  Feeding and brushing them, walking and talking to them, letting them know they are safe and loved.

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Board of Directors

President: Tanah Whitemore

Vice President: Mary Lou Lipscomb

Secretary: Ixchel Leigh

Treasurer: Tanah Whitemore

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Advisory Board

Gloria Flora – Sustainable Obtainable Solutions

– Fish and Wildlife

Wayne Burleson – Holistic Resource Management

Audrey Cole Hanson– Consultant and Spiritual Advisor – ISH-A-TAH

Frank Settee – Elder, Spiritual Leader

Brooke Medicine Eagle, Crow, Author, Spiritual Leader,

Ashle Trucano – Marketing and Promo – Samurai of Light

Katharina Spurling –  Science/Geobiology –

Nicole LeVoi – Scientist –

Bruce Golberg – Golberg Construction

Woody Vaspra – World Council of Elders

Don Keever – Antlers and Anglers, Sacred Hunt/Taxidermy

 Don Woerner – Veterinarian/Buffalo Consultant

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Contact Us

We enjoy hearing from you.  If you have questions or comments, please contact us at:


BOX 78

PRYOR, MT. 59066

WEB:     (for sending link if necessary)

PHONE:  406 245 6070

FAX:        406 245-7007


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Located 35 miles south of Billings, Montana

5 miles SE of Pryor, Montana

Our location is central to a large variety of historic and recreational fun spots

  • Yellowstone Park, take the Beartooth Highway to the NE gate
  • Big Horn Canyon Dam and River, world renown fly fishing and boating
  • Custer Battlefield, this and many more historic stops


Ixchel Leigh -

Gloria Flora -

Ashle Trucano -

Woody Vaspra -

Brooke Medicine Eagle -

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Peter Bakkes, Alice Kromhout -

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